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Get More Followers To Market Your Brand On Vine

Online marketing is a competitive industry. All businesses, no matter big or small, must always stay updated and use all types of online tools at their disposal to get the best possible results out of their promotional campaigns. Social media is one of those tools that play a key role in online marketing.

Vine is a brand new and a unique social media platform that quickly took over the internet with its intriguing new content sharing system. Since its initial release in 2013, Vine grew up fast to serve over 200 million monthly active users. Marketers are now loving this platform more than anyone else.

What Is Vine?

Vine is a fun and addictive short-form video sharing social network where users share the important moments of their life, funny video clips, and opinions in six-second video clips that loop over and over again.

Vine became so much popular among younger people in just two years that the company even decided to launch a special version of the app dedicated for children called "Vine Kids" Vine is now owned by Twitter and as a result, the app plays nicely across both Twitter and Facebook allowing users to share their six-second videos across multiple social networks.

Vine As A Marketing Platform

At first glance, Vine may not look like a great place to market a business. But, if you look deep enough, you'll see the great potential that many other marketers see in this platform.

You can market your business and products on Vine in several different ways. You could create short and fun reviews of your products, take your customers behind the scenes of your company, show live-action shots of your products, and entertain your customers with fun videos.

Plenty of companies have found success on Vine, especially by getting Vine influencers to share reviews about products and by holding giveaway contests that ask users to share videos mentioning the products.

Is It Effective?

You'll find massive success on Vine if your brand is targeting a younger audience, especially teenagers because 31.8% of Vine users are between the ages 14-17. Some of the most popular users on Vine are now claiming to be making millions of dollars every year promoting products and brands through their six-second video clips.

Statistics also show that a branded Vine video is four-times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video. This makes Vine the perfect platform to market your business using visual content.

Vine is still new. Chances are your competitors might not know about it yet. So, you'll have a great opportunity to beat your competition by getting a head-start in this social network.

The Importance Of Having Lots Of Followers

Much like any other social network, the chances of getting more views for your video and going viral on Vine depends on how many followers you have on your account. Most of the brands on Vine already have hundreds of thousands of followers and their videos receive over 10 million views on average.

People play over 1.5 billion Vine loops every day and over 8,300 Vines are shared every minute. It's obvious that you will need to collect lots and lots of followers before you start receiving some attention for your brand's videos on Vine.

How To Get More Followers On Vine?

It might take you a while to master Vine as a marketing tool because it only lets you share six-second videos, unlike other social networks where you share different types of content. Follow these simple steps to try and get more followers for your account.

A Killer Bio: Use a precise and a clear bio for your Vine account. Educate your visitors about who you are and what you do. Give them a reason to follow your account.

Use Hashtags: Similar to Twitter, Vine also lets you use hashtags. Find the most relevant and popular hashtags related to your business and use few of them with your video posts. Also, use Trending Hashtags to get more exposure for your content.

Upload Everyday: Unlike YouTube, Vine's videos are short and the fun is limited to six seconds. So make sure you keep your audience entertained by uploading new content every day.

Connect With Followers: Leave comments on videos and send a direct message to your followers via Twitter to connect with more users and make meaningful relationships. Show your appreciation.

Keep a Schedule: Knowing your audience is important to get more views on your videos. Learn when your followers use the app and upload your Vine's during that time. Best time to post on Vine is between 10 AM to 11 AM.

Why You Should Buy Followers?

Even after all that hard work, it will take weeks, or probably months, before you receive a few hundred followers. Buying followers is a great option for new businesses to get a quick boost on the platform and start promoting their short videos more confidently.

A few more reasons to buy Vine followers :