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People may have different religions, different cultures, and different ethnicities, but when we listen to music we all unite as one by sharing one common universe. Nothing promotes this magical culture better than SoundCloud.

Ever since SoundCloud's arrival in 2007, the music industry saw a rapid rise in young new musicians and artists who use this open platform to promote their original and unique music with the rest of the world. And it's growing by the day.

What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that allows its users to upload, record, and share their music with the world. Even some of the most popular musicians are now using SoundCloud to promote their songs and albums through this growing new platform.

With over 40 million registered users and over 175 million unique monthly listeners, SoundCloud is now the most popular platform for sharing original music. Since SoundCloud is available for free, it's also the best place for new and upcoming artists to establish an online fan base around their music without any risk or having to spend any money.

Build A Fanbase And Become A Popular Musician

If you're an amateur artist, a band, or a DJ looking to test out your music on a large audience, SoundCloud is a great place for you to start your career. SoundCloud users are very friendly when it comes to supporting new musicians. You can create a SoundCloud profile for free and upload few of your tracks to start building a fanbase right away.

Unlike most other media sharing platforms, SoundCloud makes it easy for you to share your music across the internet while protecting your creative rights. SoundCloud will also allow you to collaborate with other artists to expand your horizons.

How To Earn Money With SoundCloud Music?

Many people are unaware that they can earn money by uploading music on SoundCloud. The best part is you don't even have to be an artist or a band to do it.

SoundCloud recently launched a new creator partner program called "On SoundCloud", which allows the creators to earn money by advertising their music. Much like YouTube advertising, the On SoundCloud helps you to earn money by adding paid ads in the SoundCloud player or in a streaming audio file.

Artists who upload original content will get the most income through the platform. But, if you're not an artist or a DJ, you can still earn money by finding Public Domain music tracks and uploading them to your SoundCloud account.

How To Promote Music With SoundCloud?

Even though it's easy to setup an account and get started on SoundCloud, new artists will have to put on a lot of work to get their music heard on the platform and stand out from the crowd. Follow these steps to get more followers and plays.

Upload Lots of Music: More music you have, more people will visit your profile to play your tracks. So, get down to work and create lots of great music to populate your SoundCloud profile.

Be More Social: Share your tracks across all your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, don't be afraid to ask your friends and followers to share your SoundCloud music as well.

Find More Connections: Find other artists on SoundCloud who create similar music and connect with them to get more exposure to your account.

Go Pro: Subscribing to a SoundCloud pro account will give you access to additional features on the platform for a cost of $6 per month. Using these features, you can get more attention to your music.

Is It Important To Get More Plays On SoundCloud?

People have different tastes in music and it will be quite difficult for you to find the right audience for your music. But, if you have lots of plays on your SoundCloud tracks, it might influence more users to hit that Play button next to your songs.

There are over 10 million creators on SoundCloud who upload 12 hours of music every minute on the platform. If you want more listeners to visit your profile and follow you for more music, you will have to show them that people have already listened to your songs/music and that you already have an established fanbase. The only way to accomplish that is by getting more Play counts on your profile.

Why You Should Buy Plays?

People won't take you as a serious artist if you don't have enough plays on your tracks. Luckily, you can get a head-start by buying a few thousand SoundCloud plays. It's cheap, 100% safe, and it will help you appear as a popular artist on the platform.

Here are a few other reasons to buy SoundCloud plays :